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Mixed media on paper measured height x width
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Mixed Media on Paper

Please note:
Please contact Dorothy for
Shipping and Handling

All pieces are priced unframed.
If you wish to purchase a
framed piece, please
contact Dorothy for details.

“Counting Fish”
21" x 18.5"
Mixed Media / Collage

“Wishing Tree”
32" x 21.5"
Mixed Media / Collage


18" x 25" Mixed Media / Collage


“Play Time” (sold)
24" x 30"
Mixed Media / Collage
wayward Wings
“Wayward Wings”

25" x 22"
Mixed Media on Canvas
  Solstice Mother
“Solstice Mother”

24" x 30"
Mixed Media on Paper

“Hope Guides the Way”
30" x 20" Mixed Media / Collage
Simply Stunning
“Simply Stunning Darling"
11" x 5"
Mixed Media on Paper
  Divine Encounter
“Divine Encounter"
11" x 5"
Mixed Media on Paper