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Garden of SHEden
Contents of Garden of SHEden Interactive CD

Garden of SHEden CD

“Garden of SHEden”
Interactive CD
(Windows Compatible)

Garden of SHEden CD Cover
CDs are available FREE +
Cost of Shipping and Handling $3.95
contact Dorothy for details.


A virtual reality art gallery with twenty selected works
from Dorothy Riggs’ retrospective

Four personal interviews with Dorothy Riggs, the artist
A scrapbook displaying Dorothy’s humanitarian involvement and passion for art as a means of communication
A scrapbook portraying Dorothy’s use of “Art as Therapy,” giving insight into some of the process she has undertaken

A scrapbook focusing on Dorothy’s political views and personal involvement in battling for women’s issues and against all forms of censorship
Web LInks
Takes you directly to some of the organizations that Dorothy supports and believes in
Dorothy’s thanks and appreciation to all those who made both the making of the “Garden of SHEden” CD and the open house possible

“The images are very powerful and sensitive, conveying deep feelings. The computer graphics and animation are excellent. It left me wanting more, making me want to see Dorothy’s paintings in reality. her creative prowess is very inspiring.”
– Vicky Barber, Cert. Ed., Dip. At., S.R.A.Th., Art Therapist U.K.