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Garden of SHEden Series
About the "Garden of SHEden" Interactive CD

Garden of SHEden CD

“Garden of SHEden”
Interactive CD
(Windows Compatible)

Garden of SHEden CD Cover
CDs are available FREE +
Cost of Shipping and Handling $3.95
contact Dorothy for details.

It is a cutting edge interactive CD-ROM for art lovers who will:
  • DISCOVER the truths of one woman’s creative process
  • JOURNEY through a Virtual Reality Tour of art galleries and revealing scrapbooks
  • EXPLORE art for self-discovery, personal growth, and healing
  • LISTEN to beautiful music and soulful messages of art from the heart, powerfully narrated
  • EXPERIENCE the magic of Virtual Reality while interacting at your own pace

Who would benefit from having the CD?

Artists    Galleries    Bookstores    Self-Help/Healing Individuals

Women's Empowerment Advocates    Museum Gift Shops    Educators

Libraries    Hospice/Grief Counselors    Mental Health Professionals

University Departments of Art and Psychology    Art Therapists