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Garden of SHEden
A Word from Dorothy

Garden of SHEden CD

“Garden of SHEden”
Interactive CD
(Windows Compatible)

Garden of SHEden CD Cover
CDs are available FREE +
Cost of Shipping and Handling $3.95
contact Dorothy for details.

“Making the Interactive CD has offered me the opportunity to help promote the use of art as therapy. It has allowed me to look back and reflect upon my journey as an artist and as yet another inhabitant on this wondrous journey called ‘Life.’

The Interactive CD medium has opened doors by providing the ability to present my work, feelings and views in a nonlinear fashion. This medium allows for a fuller communication and connection of my heart, mind, and soul with yours. The Interactive CD format helps you understand my hopes, fears, and inspirations that have guided me through each stroke of the paintbrush by you interactively guiding yourself through the CD.

Welcome to the inner workings of my essence . . . ”

Artist's Signature
"“Her paintings are empowering ‘Visual Affirmations of Life’ that come from a ‘Pure Place’ within herself."” – Blade-Citizen (Arts & Events) San Diego

“Bravely, Dorothy continues to travel her path. Alone and together, she is finding her way. Engaged with her whole being, she brings life to her art and art to her life.”
– Joan Woodland, Ph.D

“Art is good for the soul.” – Dorothy Riggs