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Fruit of Life
Fruit of Lief Giclee Series
Prints measured height x width
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Limited edition prints

The Fruit of Life Series is
derived from Dorothy's
original oil paintings and
are available as fine Iris
Giclée prints.

The Fruit of Life Series is
printed by Palette Arts in
Nipomo, California, on acid
free, archival paper.

Each print is available in two
sizes, signed and numbered
by the artist. Limited editions
of 100 (large) and 200
(petite) come with
certificates of authenticity.

Please note:
Please contact Dorothy
for Shipping and Handling

All paintings and giclees
on canvas and archival
papers are priced
unframed. If you wish
to purchase a framed
piece, please contact
Dorothy for details.

Forbidden Fruit
“Forbidden Fruit”
(Original Oil Painting Sold)
Petite: 8.625" x 8.625"
Large: 20" x 20"

Autumn Fever
“Autumn Fever”
Petite: 10" x 7.5"
Large: 20" x 26.7"

Yin and Yang Peppers
“Yin and Yang Peppers”
Petite: 7.44" x 10"
Large: 20" x 26.88"

(Original Oil Painting Sold)
Petite: 8.63" x 8.63"
Large: 20" x 20"

Ocean's Secret
“Ocean’s Secret”
Petite: 8.625" x 8.625"
Large: 20" x 20"