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Recent Class Project Photos and Testimonials
Dear Dorothy –
Your art classes were amazing! Not only did I discover a lot about
myself, but I broke through a barrier that kept me from expressing
myself through art. The exercises we did were very enlightening
and fun! They not only helped me get in touch with my artistic
side which I thought did not exist, but I also was able to communicate
to my inner child, my spiritual soul, and my demons. Without connection
to all of these parts I was not able to be creative. I am now oil painting and
having a great time. Your classes were part art, part women'’s group
therapy, and part soul searching. Thank you for helping me to discover
so much about myself. I would recommend these classes to all women
who are searching for that missing, creative part of their lives.
– Andie

Photo of Andie

Nov-Dec 2005 Art for Self-Discovery Class
Andie shown here with her Mandalas.
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Photo of Miriam
Dear Dorothy –
Accessing my creative talents is a priority to me. Working with you has
helped me approach the creative process in a non-judgmental, non-critical,
and non-threatening manner. I am now beginning both to understand my
personal creative process and to trust my intuitive voice and let it guide me.
Participating in your workshops has helped stimulate my creativity and has
exposed me to different forms of artistic expression.
– Miriam
March 2005 Private Self-Discovery Session
Miriam shown here creating a Soul Card.
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Dear Dorothy -
Thank you for opening your studio, giving me the opportunity to participate in your workshops. I was reminded that creativity takes time! Intellectually this makes perfect sense but it's not often allow myself to have it. Giving myself permission to attend was an
important step. With every passing year I've allowed less and less time for myself I've become less and less creative. I realize I need blocks of time for creative projects, usually 2-4hours. This allows time to detach from the outside world, focus my mind on the process and then, to let my mind return to the present. I was also reminded that I can do art, just to do art! I don't have to produce it for a reason, for sale, for a grade, for approval or for other eyes to see and judge. And as it turns out, I've been my own worst critic. It felt good to relax and just enjoy the process. Everyone has the ability to express themselves artistically. Your workshops are a perfect place to do this. No artistic experience is even necessary! I definitely recommend them. It's worth making the time.
– Linda

Nov-Dec 2005 Art for Self-Discovery Class
Linda shown here in her garden
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Dear Dorothy –
I LOVE this class. This is not just an art class. It’s a mixture of art, universal spirituality and a little psychology. Our small group has become wonderfully close and nurturing. The insights that we share about art and life have renewed my motivation to pursue my goals. Dorothy’s choice of creative projects and the way that she presents them is extremely liberating. Instead of being stifled by our “inner critic” we listen to the soul and release the tendency to control what comes out. Before, I wouldn’t even start projects because I wanted things to be “perfect.” It has been such a joy to experience the release of that tendency. Now, I trust, when we start the projects, that the process and connection with your “spirit” is more important than the “pretty” picture in the end (and they usually turn out surprisingly well by staying “connected). I highly recommend the class to anyone, artist or non-artist, who wants to explore the psyche through the medium of art.

– Roz
Nov-Dec 2005 Art for Self-Discovery Class
Roz shown here with one of her soul cards.
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