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Supplies List and Resources
Image of Supplies

All supplies will be provided for the class. However, before and during the course you may also want to bring additional items to class for your own personal expression. Some things to consider, but not limited to, would be:
  • Small, 2 or 3-D light weight mementos and trinkets to glue into projects
    (Ideas: recent photos of yourself and as a child, your home, family, or beloved pet.
  • Bring things that “call to you” or capture your imagination!
    They can be spiritual, whimsical, or things from nature. These items are FREE!
  • Other cool stuff can be found at garage sales.
    And, don’t forget to check your “junk” drawer and sewing box too!

Retail Resources:
If you wish to purchase additional supplies, here is a list of retail resources will be provided.