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Touch Drawing
Touch Drawing
Soul Collage Card
Soul Collage Card

Sacred Altar
Zen Rock Garden
Zen Rock Garden

Creative Experiences For Self-Discovery
A Women's Group

A selection of these and creative projects will be explored:

Touch Drawing
Soul Collage Cards
Sacred Altars
  Japanese Rock Gardens

Creating Mandalas:
This process begins with an opening ceremony, during which the site is consecrated and the forces of goodness are called forth. The process of creating a mandala is then demonstrated, and once the student projects have been completed a closing ceremony is then performed. This is an ancient Buddhist and Hindu creative process whose sole purpose is to create healing and purification.

In the context of the Buddhist path, the purpose of a mandala is to put an end to human suffering, to attain enlightenment, and to attain a correct view of Reality. It is a means to discover divinity by the realization that it resides within one’s own self. The reference material for this section is drawn from Susanne F. Fincher’s book, "Creating Mandalas."

Carl Jung, and many therapists and clinicians believe that through creating circular symbolic designs, clients can express their state or level of psychological integration. Some have gone as far as to say that through working with the coherence of these drawings, people can integrate their sense of identity and improve or even create feelings of harmony through “psychosynthesis.”

Creating Touch Drawings:
The focus on this segment is on the process rather than the product. The completed series of drawings will reveal transformations in your state of mind which can later be reflected upon and explored for their personal significance. My source of inspiration for this process comes from Deborah Koff-Chapin’s book, "Drawing Out Your Soul."

“Through this direct drawing process, even the least confident artist can experience interior images coming alive on the page. The hands become organic extensions of the soul, moving freely in response to the sensations of the moment. Many drawings can be created in one session, each a stepping stone to the next, guiding one deeper and deeper into the self.

In a medium as immediate and transparent as Touch Drawing, previously unused channels of expression are opened, enabling uncensored feelings to flow forth. The act of creating with these feelings provides more than cathartic release; it unleashes vibrant healing forces which guide the psyche toward wholeness. Touch Drawing is a practice of creative, psychological, and spiritual integration.”

– Deborah Koff-Chapin

Creating Soul Collage Cards:
In this session the student learns the basics of collage while guided through the use of materials, imagery and symbolism, and techniques to answer questions only they have the answers to. This thorough and insightful process comfortably guides them through the process of creating one's own deck of cards – a visual example of one’s self. Sometimes compared to Tarot cards, the resulting Soul Collage cards are much more personal and reflective. The Soul Collage process has been used as therapy, but is also
a lot of creative fun! Students explore their inner-workings and create a personal Soul Collage Deck of their very own.

Soul Cards are used by licensed, clinical marriage and family therapists, in hospice work, and by spiritual healers alike. The cards facilitate healing and expression of the inner self. Thus, the images become a partner in one’s own healing process, revealing to the creator feelings from deep within one’s psyche which heretofore have been hidden roadblocks and now become sources of strength and inner power.

Sacred Altars:
As described in the book, "A Little Book of Altar Magic" by D.J. Conway, ‘Altars have been used from almost the beginning of human civilization. Many do not understand what an altar is outside of a religious structure, and yet, people do set up varieties of altars without conscious thought to the process.’ This can be in the form of family photo groupings or clusters/collections of sentimental objects, for example.

This section explores the conscious intent in building an altar which creates a positive, spiritual atmosphere. The very act of creating an altar teaches you to listen to your subconscious mind and its messages. The process allows you to become more centered, experience positive energy and a sense of happiness.

Zen Rock Gardens:
Raking the sand in intricate patterns in your zen garden is a great way to relax and relieve stress "Through Zen philosophy, one can experience the large in the small. And in a grain of sand, glimpse the meaning of the world." For centuries, Japanese Zen masters have practiced this philosophy by cultivating gardens of harmoniously-arranged rocks and raked gravel. This simple task reduces the day's complexities and helps you develop an inner calm and your own perspective on life.

Class Structure:
During the scourse of creative therapy we will discuss, explore, and express the following concepts:

  • Self-Discovery
  • Spiritual Awareness
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Inner Healing
  • Right-Brain Training
  • Trusting Intuition
  • Creative Blocks
  • Meditational Creativity
  • Building Community

My classes for Fall 2006 are now forming. Please check the class schedule for current and upcoming sessions. Call or email Dorothy to sign up for upcoming classes.