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About the Classes

“My classes are carefully designed for women who want to overcome creative blocks, get in touch with the inner, creative child that resides in each of us, and find inroads to self esteem. My classes can also be used as a complementary tool for those in therapy. We will use art media in a very spontaneous and intuitive way, and I will act as a facilitator, holding a sacred space for women to bring forth and honor individual awareness, and as a catalyst for self-empowerment and inner clarity. My classes are all about celebrating and honoring our inner child so that we can let go of the fear of creating art (drawing, painting, etc.) and allow our creative souls to have freedom of expression.”

As a professional artist member of the American Art Therapy Association (AATA –www.arttherapy.org), I am dedicated to its mission which is “the belief that the creative process involving the making of art is healing and life enhancing.”

In my classes we will use non-toxic art media which we typically used from our childhood such as tempera paint, crayons, felt-tip markers, water color, and finger paint. Additionally, we will use soft pastel, oil pastel, water soluble inks, conté, and charcoal.

We will allow ourselves to explore and experiment in a non-judgmental environment. Art making will be facilitated as a sacred process, not as an end product. This special class is aimed at freeing our creative spirit and paving the way for it to express its truth in the moment and in our ongoing, daily lives. Women connecting in this manner can experience support and validation. This is a closed group for intimate sharing, forming bonds, and maintains confidentiality.

We will use guided meditation for relaxation and creative visualization. Using this process, we will tune into our body wisdom, spirituality, and our emotions as a means of greater balance in our lives. And, not to be overlooked is the sheer joy and fun of creating a variety of art pieces! Our inner child has a safe place to come out and play!

My classes are kept to a small group of four participants, plus myself, and my new class location will soon be announced. Click here for directions and map.

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