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Artist's Statement
Photo of Dorothy Riggs

The creative process of art making serves several profound purposes for me. It’s an open-eyed meditation, a playground for the inner child of my psyche: a time and place for ultimate freedom and imagination
to come alive.

I’ve had a never-ending love affair with color, texture, and curvilinear forms. These aesthetic principles are incorporated into my work, whether with oils on large canvases or mixed media, and collage on paper.

I work in a direct mode, intuitively and without preplanning. This keeps the imagery fresh and brings forth icons of the subconscious realm, executed boldly and with passion.

My imagery is a merging of nature and the spiritual world, embodying a whimsical, playful portrayal of women and their empowerment.

Aligning myself with these ‘Innerscapes’ broadens my spiritual awareness, and facilitates personal growth. Art becomes the essential tool, allowing me to express and integrate feelings and concepts visually.